Does any of these things interest you?

  • Would you like an opportunity to learn a trade? One that provides a classroom and on the job training, that also provides great pay and benefits.
  • Want to be part of something special?
  • Want to earn while you learn?
  • Live well and raise your family with dignity?
  • Want to see the fruits of your labor?
  • You ever thought about dedicating yourself to something that is not easy but with willingness to learn and dedication allows you to become your best self?

I am talking about becoming an Ironworker, achieving Journeyman Status, and creating yourself a lifetime of opportunity.

Our Apprenticeship Program provides an excellent opportunity to learn a craft that will provide lifelong security with excellent wages and benefits. Apprentices earn while they learn completing 208 classroom hours and 1500 hours of on the job training (OJT).

Our school employs a Block Training method that requires a student to attend school for 8hrs a day, 40 hrs. a week, with 9 wks. in between classes. That equals 5 weeks a year and 1 Saturday. The Block concept allows the student to fully concentrate on their studies resulting in more knowledge retained. There is also the opportunity to gain an Associates Degree from Ivy Tech. This is at no cost to the student.
All our school training is paid for by contributions from our membership. No individual costs are assessed beyond a membership initiation fee of $100.

How to Apply:
Applications are currently being accepted on the first Monday of each month.
Please contact Ryan Terry, Apprentice Coordinator if you have any questions.
The Apprenticeship office is located at 2441 Crittenden Drive, Louisville, KY 40217.
School:(502) 634-3348
Cell: (502) 550-2934

Applicants must apply in person. Be in average/good physical condition.

You will need to bring your valid Driver’s License, and Social Security Card. A copy of your birth certificate and high school diploma or GED w/transcripts is required, as well as any work history and certifications you may have. 

The Apprenticeship School is an equal opportunity organization and encourages all to apply especially females, minorities, or veterans.